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Amendments of the Civil Code Part IV have come into effect
The amendments have corrected shortcomings detected in the intellectual property legislation and made it clearer.
Antitrust amendment has been canceled
The government of the Russian Federation has abandoned an amendment canceling immunity of IP exclusive rights owners from prosecution in the fourth set of antitrust amendments.
Tesla has opened patents
Due to lack of commercial success Tesla Motors has announced it wont initiate patent lawsuits against anyone who, in good faith, wants to use patented technology.
Apple and Google have settled patent litigation
Companies have agreed to withdraw all lawsuits between them over smartphones. They does not reveal information on cross licensing.
Microsoft has acquired Nokia's business
Microsoft has purchased Nokias business for EUR 3.79 billion and licensed Nokias patents for EUR 1.65 billion. The cost of intellectual property rights is 1/3 of total payment.
IP Court has started functioning in Moscow
The Court specializes in cases involving intellectual property rights. It hears the cases as a court of appeal and cassation.
Motorola has lost a patent
Apple has succeeded in nullification of the patent of Motorola Mobility. It could jeopardize delivery of iPhone4 at the USA.