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International Placement

The economy is global. To succeed in distribution, an innovator has to cover all markets accessible for entrance over the world. The reason is simple: domestic markets are saturated, and if someone doesn't supply outside consumers with their goods, another one does this. How to prevent counterfeiter emergence? The really efficient means are only patents and trademarks. Every country has special aspects of IP laws, and Industrial Patent's attorneys would be proud to act before Russian
and Eurasian
Patent Offices
on your behalf.

Patent for Invention

It's the most powerful means for innovation protection. Generally, the Russian patent law is similar to the patent laws of the leading countries (it's closer to European patent system, but it is not so strict). It is codified and developed as deemed necessary. Russia contracted the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property and is a member of the Patent Cooperation Treaty.
If you accustomed to proceed with patent applications, it would
be easy to do the same with Russian and Eurasian Patent Offices
our attorneys will point at all hidden pitfalls and assist you.

IP Trasfer

Along with distribution of goods, profit can be earned by selling or licensing patents. License and assignment agreements become effective upon recording
by Russian PTO.
Russian versions of
the docs are needed.

Patent Annuity

Annual fees should be paid before the paid year has started and not earlier than 2 months before it. The
fees are not great, but increase
every year. Nonresident
patentees should be
represented by an

Patent Litigations and Forensics

The Russian judicial system has been practicing intellectual property law for two decades only. Nevertheless a rate of IP trials increases and judges, lawyers and attorneys become more and more experienced and competent. To improve a policy of courts, the specialized IP Court started functioning two years ago. It judges patent, trademark, and copyright cases as a court of appeal
and cassation. The modern Russian IP legislation corresponds
to the world standards for this branch of law and provides
with effective protection of intellectual property rights.

Patent Cancelation

Sometimes manufacturer can be accused of patent infringement. The most efficient way to withdraw from an accusation is to cancel a patent. Previously utility model patents were granted without substantive examination (it is
required today). Hence, they can be
easily nullified, because they dont
have novelty often.

Eurasian Patent

There are two kinds of patents for an invention being in force in Russia. One of them is a Russian patent and another one is a Eurasian patent. In contrast to the first one the Eurasian patent is in force in seven countries of the ex-USSR
additionally. The most interesting
feature is that you can own both
of them simultaneously.


It is one of the most popular means for prevention of fake goods distribution. Along with prosecution in courts, a manufacturer or distributor can lodge its trademark in the Customs Intellectual Property Registry and customs offices will check
imported commodities. Geographical
indications are protected by the
Russian IP legislation as well.


Amendments of the Civil Code Part IV have come into effect
The amendments have corrected shortcomings detected in the intellectual property legislation and made it clearer.
Antitrust amendment has been canceled
The government of the Russian Federation has abandoned an amendment canceling immunity of IP exclusive rights owners from prosecution in the fourth set of antitrust amendments.
Tesla has opened patents
Due to lack of commercial success Tesla Motors has announced it wont initiate patent lawsuits against anyone who, in good faith, wants to use patented technology.
Apple and Google have settled patent litigation
Companies have agreed to withdraw all lawsuits between them over smartphones. They does not reveal information on cross licensing.
Microsoft has acquired Nokia's business
Microsoft has purchased Nokias business for EUR 3.79 billion and licensed Nokias patents for EUR 1.65 billion. The cost of intellectual property rights is 1/3 of total payment.
IP Court has started functioning in Moscow
The Court specializes in cases involving intellectual property rights. It hears the cases as a court of appeal and cassation.
Motorola has lost a patent
Apple has succeeded in nullification of the patent of Motorola Mobility. It could jeopardize delivery of iPhone4 at the USA.